Monday, June 11, 2012

Giveaway with a Twist

I love entering Giveaways even though I don't win.  So, I decided to make this a Giveaway with a Twist. This is a win - win situation.

 Host an internet party.  You get free goodies guaranteed.  There is little to no work on your part.  No cleaning or providing snacks.  As the hostess all you do is set up a date and invite people to my website on your day. Your party will be an all day event so people can shop at their leisure.  If the majority of people you know are on your Facebook, then your "hostess" job just got easier.  I send you what needs to be said and you simply create an event on Facebook and copy & paste.  You then send it to your friends and family and you're done.  Simple as that!

Get $25 worth of cosmetics or skin care of your choice for just inviting people and having a $25 minimum order.  Thats 5 people buying 1 item.  If you should have a big party that's over $125 I'll throw in another $10.  Contact me at to set up your date and let the fun begin!!

For those of you haven't seen my site the prices are very affordable.  You don't have to feel bad asking someone to make a purchase on your behalf when the majority of prices are below $10.  Here are just a few items that can be purchased.

Spring Fun Collection $8.50

Season of Green $5.00

Romantic Blush $8.00
Sweet Lemon Perfume $9.50

Garden Peach Foundation $8.00
Fire Cracker $5.00


  1. Sounds like a pretty easy way to go about it! Reminds me of when my mom used to host Tupperware parties!