Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Try It Before You Buy It

If you are like me and hesitant to try new things, then I have the perfect solution.  I always promote at the end of my features that I'm giving away $25 in Organic Cosmetics and Skin Care.  Let me tell you how you can do that.
If you have ever hosted a Tupperware or Mary Kay party you know the work that goes into being the hostess.  My version is super easy and takes very little effort on your part.
Set up a day for your party and Facebook or email all your friends.  Your party is for 12 hrs so your shoppers can participate at their convenience.  Since its Christmas in July they get to enjoy 15% off.  If you get over $125 in sales you get an extra $10 in goodies.  However, you do need to have at least $25 in sales.  But, the nice thing is that my products are very affordable.  Most of my items are under $10 so when you take the 15% off your guests are getting a sweet deal.
An extra perk for you as the hostess I will also do a feature on your shop or promote your blog.  Whatever works for you.
Let me show a few items you can make yours with your party:
Rose and Jasmine Bath Soak

Shimmering Smokey Chimney Eye Shadow

Bahama Beach Perfume

Firecracker Red

Sweet Potato Blush

As you can see there is a great variety.  You can have a nice package of all natural skin safe cosmetics heading your way.  Just email me at to set up your date.


  1. I never thought about hosting an online party. When I first got started with my Etsy shop, someone asked me about doing having a party for people to put order in for my stuff. It wasn't the direction that I wanted to take my shop and it still isn't. I do see the benefits of it though. It is giving me something to think about since the holiday season is fast approaching.

  2. This is a crazy cool idea!! How do you host an online party?? =)
    My mom used to be a Mary Kay consultant so I know the kind of work that goes into hosting these, but this sounds like fun and easy!