Who Am I

My name is Amee Pelton.  I live in a small farm community in Kansas.  I have 2 great sons that I do believe in many ways are smarter than me.  I love being with them, but something does get lost as a stay at home mom.  I felt I needed something that was just mine and only I had interest in.

I spent several months researching what is in makeup, skin care and lotion.  What could I change to make it healthier?  About 6 months later I was in a position to start Visual Eyes Cosmetics.

I hope you can take a few minutes to take a look at the line I have to offer.  I try to keep my products affordable because I know money is tight for everyone.  But as women we still want to look our best, so why not do it in a way that is healthier than store bought.

I also invite you to take a leap of faith.  With all we put in our bodies we then question whether or not putting in good things.  Go natural, give your body the vitamins and nourishment it needs to be healthy https://www.xyngular.com/apelton/

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