Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Party Time

Today we're having a PARTY.  Anna Murphy from is having an Internet Makeup Party.  Everyone is welcome is join in.  Anytime today you can scoot on over to and make a purchase and save 10% using the coupon code APARTY.

I have been working hard adding new things for this special event.  Perfume, lotions, cosmetics and more are waiting for you.

Want to have your own party?  Just send me an email for more info.

Lets see some of the great things you can get for under $10.  Don't forget to use your coupon code!!  Hope to see you there.

You can enjoy the heavenly scents of Oganic Perfume Oil.  There is no alcohol in my perfume which means a much longer lasting scent.
Sweet Pea
What about a matching lotion?

Sweet Pea Lotion

Not to mention the $5 Eye Shadow and Lip Sticks

Mediterranean Blue

Frosted Olive

Rich Toffee

Fire Cracker

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