Thursday, May 31, 2012

Time to Unwind

Rose and Jasmine Aromatherapy Bath Soaks
This is great for all you hard working moms.  As stay at home moms or working moms our alone time is very precious to us.  Our little ones know when mom is trying to have a second to herself, so make the most of your time.  Even if you only have a few minutes to jump in the shower before the little hands are beating on the door, you can spoil yourself. You deserve this.  After a long day what better way to unwind.  

A beautiful pink and silver bag full of sea salts, oatmeal, dried milk, dried roses and baking soda will sooth and relax your tired body.  Enjoy the sweet, comforting scent of Rose and Jasmine Oils that will fill the bathroom.  Used as aromatherapy Rose and Jasmine are both antidepressants, their scents are calming and uplifting. They also help ease headaches and anxiety.  Not to mention this will leave your skin silky soft.

Fill up the small organza bag that is included.  You can then but it in your bath for a bath soak or you can hang it from your shower and run it over your body. When your done, empty the organza bag, set aside to dry and reuse the next time.

One word of caution - since Rose and Jasmine are very relaxing its not advised for pregnant woman.

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