Monday, August 27, 2012

Monday Finds

Today I have a couple of shops I want to show you!

Hillside Honey Bees has organic managed honey hives.  Enjoy this Tennessee Wildflower Honey.  Looks Delicious.
Raw Wildflower Honey

I love this recipe box!
Painted Bird Recipe Box

All kinds of hair accessories can be found at Cherished Jewels.  Check out her Charity section.  She donates 10% from this section to the charity of the month.  Awesome!!!

I love little girl hair accessories even though I don't have a little girl.
Ribbon Flower Hair Clip

Blu, White and Silver Hair Clip

Beautiful crochet work can be found at Mariana Vail.  You have to see this shop the work she does is truly an art.
Blue Fashion Cowl

I'm speechless over this!
Creamy Beige Poncho

Go see more of these items.  I love handmade.

Your body is hungry to be healthy.


  1. I really like the crocheted shawl. It's so pretty! I've always wanted to learn how to do that.

    Found you via Etsy Blog Team.


  2. I love the organically managed bee honey! Pretty bottle too!