Sunday, August 19, 2012

It's Not Easy

Finding a diet that works and making it happen is not easy.  Keeping on the diet and not seeing the results you should see, makes it even harder.  Diets usually fail (at least for me).  That's why I'm so happy that I was introduced to Xyngular.

From Aug 2 through Aug 16th I have lost 6 pounds and 2 inches.  It's not a diet but a life style.  I take 2 products each day.  Xing which helps with depression and anxiety.  It is an energy booster and controls your appetite.  Xing has helped calm the racing thoughts and the nervous anxiety I fight on a daily basis.  I can think, complete my work without struggling to stay on task.  I love the energy I have.  It's not like a caffeine high.  There is no heart pounding, hand shaking.  There is no crash and burn.

Then after my main meal I take Accelerate which helps burn fat and increases the amount of calories burned.  You don't have to go to the gym or have a workout routine to get the benefits of Accelerate.  I simply wait about an hour after I take 1 Accelerate and go for a walk at the speed that is comfortable for me.
Best of all they are natural vitamins and minerals.

If you have more than 30 pounds to lose I encourage you to consider the Ignite package.  It's an 8 day challenge but what you lose the 1st 8 days is only the beginning.  This program is the equivalent of rehab.  The purpose of Ignite is to jump start you down the path by giving you a specific eating plan, natural supplements that assist you in gaining energy, suppressing your appetite, mood enhancement, detox and so much more.  Many people do lose 8-15 pounds within those 8 days.  That's not the goal.  The goal is getting you healthy.  Teaching you how to keep the weight off and feeling how good it is to know you can do this.

What I love the most is, I'm not alone.  There are a ton of people waiting to give you recipes, encouragement, answer any questions you have.  You have so much more to gain by changing your life style.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee so why not start today!!

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  1. Wow 6 pounds is some serious progress! Sound sliek a great plan so far, keep us posted with your progress!