Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's Good To Feel Good

Keeping it short and sweet today.  Today is an update on my healthier living.  Here is last weeks post http://visualeyescosmetics.blogspot.com/2012/08/you-can.html

It's not a diet it's a lifestyle.  Think about what you eat and drink in one day.  Are you giving your body what it needs to function in the way it was meant to? 

Week 3 I'm down 2 inches.  Have not yet weighed myself but I do have to keep pulling my shorts up as I walk.  I feel good, positive.  I have not had to give myself a pep talk because I wake up feeling, "Today is going to be a good day."  I realized this morning I haven't had a migraine since I started using Xyngular.  I'm a 3 a week migraine girl, with a prescription that cost $72 for 3 pills. 

When our bodies are deprived of vitamins and nutrients, we suffer.  It's amazing to me how my body and mind has reacted.

If your ready to start feeling better.  Start here https://www.xyngular.com/apelton/products/.  Have questions, don't hesitate to contact me.

Pictures tell a thousand words.  Here are some great before and after pictures. I like these pictures because you can tell the before and after are the same person.

Sharla Aday Ports
Size 24 shorts from last summer (that were a little snug).....with both legs in one leg hole. I started using Xyngular on Janurary 20, and I am down 87 pounds....that is only 6 1/2 months... xyngular is amaxyng!!!!!

Marcia Irwin Sollie that I have had the exciting pleasure of watching go through this amazing weight/inch loss and health transformation, congratulations on your progress so far Marcia xoxoxo:

"So excited down 31 lbs and many inches since April 10th. In process of losing more. Off 4 meds feeling great."
Mindy Garmon Rutter I sure wish I would have measured last year when I was a size 18!! Now I'm a size 6... I could KICK myself for not measuring !! So...I did, on July 30 and again just now...since July 30(2 weeks) I have lost 5 pounds and 16.5 INCHES from my neck,chest,arms,waist,hips
,thighs ,calves and ankles! I can not believe it! I am LOVING these products !!!! OMG ! I'm beginning another 8 day cycle now...gotta reach my "50 goal"....I have 11 days and 5 pounds to go!!! I haven't EVEN mentioned my new blood levels...PHENOMENAL !!!!!


  1. I am very happy for you that you found something to help you with your health generally and migraines in particular. I used to get them, too, but - knock on wood - have not had very many the past few months.
    Thank you for keeping us updated!

  2. Congratulations on the inches lost. I'm still with you on this. I'm a little nervous about getting on the scale so I don't do it too often.