Monday, July 23, 2012

Soaps, Salts and Candles - OH MY!

Have you ever taken the time to see the beauty in handmade soaps and candles?  It's truly a work of art.  It takes a lot of time and patience to get your artwork finished.

Today I am showing off Natalee and her shop Black Willow Soaps.  I know you will find something irresistible.  Just to make it sweeter she is offering 15% off using coupon code CHRISTMASINJULY.  So, sit back and take a peek, then get over to her shop and see all she has to offer.

I love that she uses natural herbs and Olive Oil, which is the Queen of your moisturizing products.  There are just so many to choose from.

This is almost too pretty to use.  It's full of Vitamin E and Olive Oil which is a huge plus if you have dry, itchy skin.
Sea Breeze Scented Olive Oil & Poppy Seed Soap
I can only imagine the heavenly scent of this Avocado Cucumber Soap, with Blueberry and Sage.  I did not know that blueberries help reduce acne and nourish oily skin.  See, we do learn something new everyday.  This is a wonderful soap for anti-aging, dry skin and cleansing problem skin.

Avocado, Cucumber with Blueberry and Sage
Look at this!  How beautiful. This Jamaican Me Crazy scented soap is a fruity blend with dried orange peels for an exfoliate.  What a great idea.  It's bright and colorful and you will love the Shea Butter.  Shea Butter is a great moisturizer that is easily absorbed by the skin.
Shea Butter and Orange Peel Soap
Have you ever seen a candle like this in the store?  I know I haven't.  Another reason to buy handmade.  We have the imagination to give you something you don't get at stores.
Lemongrass Seashell Candle
Another cute idea.  Enjoy the scent of Amaretto while enjoying your own cup of coffee.  I love coffee and love the idea of a candle that smells like some of our favorite coffee flavors.

Amaretto Scented Coffee Mug Candle
Dragons Blood is made with a high quality soy and the purest of fragrance oils.  When you are done you can send it back for a refill.  Love It!  Enjoy hours of a delicious fragrance filling your home.

Dragons Blood Scented Candle
There is nothing better at the end of the day then soaking in tub surrounded by soothing scents.  Let Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and sea salts take you away.  Drown your worries and stress.  You will feel new and refreshed.  These ingredients calm itchy, dry skin while moisturizing.  You will feel the difference.
Ylang Ylang Bath Salts
There are so many items that I can't show off them all.  Go check out Black Willow Soap and take advantage of 15% off using Coupon Code CHRISTMASINJULY.  You can also get $1 off each item if you visit Natalee's website at

Come visit Visual Eyes Cosmetics and if you want to try before you buy then sign up for $25 of free cosmetics and skin care by having an internet party.  Very easy and your guests will get 15% off using the coupon code JULY.  This is a great deal considering most of my items are under $10.

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  1. Very nice write-up of Natalee's shop. I can almost smell the soaps and they are too pretty to use!