Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Whats on Your Skin

Shea Body Butter
Everyone these days are trying to better there health.  Are you watching what you eat, reading labels and counting calories?  Exercising more?  What about your skin, are you reading the labels of your favorite skin care or lotion?  Not many of us do.  I know I didn't think twice about it before I started my own cosmetics and skin care shop.  I love lotion that can not only smell wonderful but does what it is suppose to.  If you have dry skin, Shea Body Butter is what you need, but you need a healthy, natural lotion.  My Shea Butter is full of beautiful whipped organic Shea Butter, Vitamin E and Sweet Almond Oil.  Can't go wrong there, unless you have an allergy to nuts, then you may not want to risk the Almond Oil.  
Let me tell you the ingredients from my favorite night time cream BEFORE I realized what I was putting on my skin.  

  • Glycerin which is ok if it is plant based.  Animal based has been researched to have cancer agents.  It's called a "polyhydric alcohol" which is a substance that is extremely drying to the skin, which is used in lotion that is suppose to nourish our dry skin.
  • Cetyl Alcohol and all alcohol is drying to the skin
  • Methylparaben, Propylparaben, and Ethylparaben these are parabens that are used to extend shelf life of products.  They can cause many allergic reactions and skin rashes.
  • Mineral Oil is a common ingredient in commercial lotions, skin care and baby products.  Mineral Oil is not a natural ingredient it is a byproduct that is produced by man.  In short this oil cannot be absorb by your skin.  It clogs your pores which allows for moisture and bacteria to breed.  Your skin can't breath and the end result will be skin irritation and acne.
We all want that youthful soft glowing skin, don't we?  So many products out there offer just that.  Here is one problem:  the ingredients.  Most products that promise the sun and moon are full of chemicals.  Take some time and read what your putting on your skin.  If you can't read the label you might want to try all-natural.  Be good to the skin your in!


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