Monday, August 6, 2012

Put Some Xing In Your Step

I hate dieting.  I hate exercising and not seeing the results I feel I should see.  I have had to come to terms that I can no longer say, "I can't lose the baby fat" when the baby is 4 years old.  That is no longer a good excuse.

I love my comfort snacks, chocolate and more chocolate.  Evening is the worst time of day for my snacking.  But, I'm tired of the extra weight.  Honestly, I'm just tired.  How many of you can say the same?  You have a house, husband, children, job and the list goes on.  There aren't enough hours in the day to really accomplish everything that is required of us.

At one time or another I've tried everything on the shelf from diet pills to energy drinks.  I have had the shakes from the caffeine, feeling sick to my stomach and the crash that follows.  Did this help me through my day?  Did I get more done and felt more alert?  Absolutely not!

Most of us are trying to be healthier, so why not go healthier with our diets.  I don't mean eating rabbit food and going hungry because less is more.  

Xing Fuel For Life
If you can agree with me on any of these points then I encourage you to put some Xing in your step.  What is Xing?   Xing is a combination of all-natural herbs, minerals and vitamin supplements.  We need movement to lose weight, but it's hard when the daily routine and stress bog us down.  If we can sustain our energy we are more likely to keep moving and do the exercising we may likely talk ourselves out of otherwise.  Xing helps to increase and replenish energy without caffeine, without jitters and without the crash and burn.  It helps to increase your metabolism while keeping your appetite in check.  This all happens with the things our bodies need to be healthy and most of us lack in.

  Here are just a few of the nutritional ingredients in Xing.  
Calcium - a must for healthy bones
B6 - one of the many benefits of B6 is it helps aid the body in breaking down carbohydrates and processing it into energy
Barley Grass - this has more fiber than one serving of spinach
Geranium Flower - as a supplement used to stimulate weight loss

I can say honestly I haven't even thought about what may be in the cupboards as evening approaches.  My mind which is usually very active running me in circles is calm.  I can think and do one thing at a time.  I'm down 1 inch on my stomach.  I'm super excited and I feel good.

If you need that extra boost to get you going try Xing.  There is a 30 day money back guarantee.  Get healthy and give your body the nutrients it needs.  Here's to a better, happier and healthier you!!


  1. Hmm, well, I have to admit I am suspicious, Amee. I have the same problem as you do and probably thousands of others, but I am very suspicious of drugs/supplements (even if they are 'natural') and such.
    Maybe you can keep us up to date and do follow ups on your own findings? Have you found reviews of Xing?
    After writing this comment, I will definitely have a look.
    Thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Claudia
    Yes I did alot of research since I didn't want to be sucked in again on something that did nothing for me. I did do alot of comparing with this and what I have tried before. As far as "blog reviews" I found alot of blog reviewers had 2 blogs. One praising it so you would buy from them and one damming it so they could promote another product they were selling. I don't believe everything works for everyone. But, I'm very pleased that so far it's doing what it should for me.