Thursday, August 2, 2012

Fun and Colorful

Good Afternoon!!!

Todays feature is Courtney from Wicked Karma Jewelry.  This is great 10% of all profits go to help survivors of sexual abuse.

You pick your color on these awesome adjustable bracelets.  A great deal at only $8.00
Swirl Bracelts

3 for 5 sale.  Pick from 11 colors to customize your piggies.
Toe Rings

This is my favorite piece.  It looks old and elegant.  A handcrafted pink rose with a lace ribbon is the piece you need to top off any night out.
Copper and Lace Choker

We all love the Polar Bears!  What a great idea to use them as jewelry.  Guarantee people will ask you where you got the Polar Bear Coke Can earrings.
Polar Bear Earrings

There are a lot of different, fun items from Wicked Karma Jewelry that you need to go check out.  You can also find Courtney at . On Facebook Twitter and Pinterest

 Don't forget that 10% of your purchase goes to a good cause.
Check out my Host A Party tab and give your guests 15% off and you get free products.  Also check out my Healthy Way To Diet tab.  Feeling better inside and out is only a click away!

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