Friday, July 27, 2012

Tangled Threads

Good Afternoon and Happy Friday!  Wow this week has gone by fast.

Jen from Jen's Tangled Threads is my feature of the day.  Today is all about handmade slippers.  Everything is marked down 10% so it is the perfect time to stock up and get ready for cooler weather.

She originally designed these to be worn at dance competitions when they are not dancing.  This was more comfortable for them then their dance shoes and their slippers matched their team colors.  Since these are so fashionable you can wear them anywhere.  Take them to work so you can slip off the high heels.  I also like the fact your name can be written on the bottom or as you can see in the second picture the word "dance" is providing your grip so you don't slip. Large orders get a discount and there is Free Shipping in the US.

Black and Purple Crochet Slippers

Turquoise and Black Crochet Slippers

Black and Hot Pink Slippers

Brown and Creme Slippers
Now these are just a few and there are a lot more to choose from.  Customize them for a perfect gift.  Go see all the items Jen has to offer.  Remember fall and winter are coming soon so bookmark her shop so your toes can stay warm when the weather gets cool.

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  1. Great write-up, Amee. Thanks!!!!

  2. Ooh, coziness!! Love me some slippers in the winter!