Thursday, July 12, 2012

Party Accessories From Beth

I love the shop FromBeths.  It is full of personalized items, party accessories and gifts.  Beth has such fun and creative items in her shop and her prices are very affordable.  I love the personalized items and I'm sure she would love for you to request a custom order.

Lets take a peek into FromBeths and see what we can find.

I have boys so I'm always excited when I'm browsing Etsy and actually find stuff for them.  Not very many shops cater to little boys.  So, with that said here's a few of my favorites.

Personalized Snack Container
I love this idea!  These little snack containers are the perfect size for little hands AND they come with your childs name on it.  They are colorful with an easy open tab.  For under $5 this is an awesome idea.

Personalized Water Bottle
This is so neat.  No more questions of which drink is mine.  No more drinking someone else's drink.  Not only is your childs name on it but you get to pick your color and design.

Now for the Parties!  If you have an upcoming Baby Shower than this would be perfect!

Baby Shower Party Pack
This Baby Shower Party Pack has everything you need:
Banner, Favor Pops, Display Tray, Memories Scrapbook Picture Album, Matching Clothes Pin Holders for balloons.  You pick the 3 colors and once your done with the Baby Shower these can be used to decorate the nursery.  This makes hosting a shower so simple, all the hard work has been done for you.

Party Bunny Pops
Each bunny comes in a different color with a lollipop attached to the back. These are nice for birthdays or Easter.  Hand them out to your guests as a thank you or hide them for Easter during your Easter Egg Hunt.  Kids love unique, fun surprises.  This will be a hit at your next party.

Go check out all the other kid friendly, fun items at FromBeths.  

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  1. Thanks for this great post! I'm always looking for stuff for little boys too!

  2. Nice job, I will check out FromBeth's shop. I hope business is going ok for you. I've been following the BNS/BNRs, but I haven't got any money to spend :( I'd love to, though. I could spend all my money on Etsy!