Monday, May 14, 2012

Share Your Pinterest

My sister Lisa and I have just entered the world of Pinterst.  I can easily see why it has gained such popularity and how it can become so addictive.
There are some things about Pinterest I haven't figured out yet.  When you write your description many say you are suppose to try to use all 500 characters you are allowed using as many keywords as you can.  But yet some pins at the very top of the pages are using only 1 or 2 words.  
Some say use hashtags (#) like you would in Twitter but others say that is totally unneccisary.  Maybe it all comes down to personal choice.  
The search option is still a mystery to me.  Sometimes only a few items show up when I know there should be pages.

As you can see I'm not an expert so this is not a tutorial on Pinterest just a simply Q&A.

So, the question of the day is - What Do You Use Pinterest For?  Do you use it just for personal use or do you help promote your own business?
I have seen many Etsy users doing both, which is also what I do.  But, I try not to bombard Pinterest with my own stuff.  I have a board just for my own stuff that I add to as I add new things to my site.  Here's a simple screen shot:

My Organic Beauty Cosmetics

I love helping out my fellow Estians too.  I enjoy picking a theme or color and searching for beautiful, handmade items to promote.  Make sure if you do this that it does correctly link back to them and you have their name represented in the description.

Once In A Blue Moon

I'd love your feedback and how you use Pinterest.  Are you an addict or a beginner?  Are there tricks or tips you can leave for us beginners?  Leave your url so we can find and follow you.  Come by and check us out too :)


  1. Here's my Pinterest url:

    I use Pinterest to share my passions. Some of my boards have more followers than others, because I've built my followers by networking.

    I belong to an Etsy Team ( Weekly we promote each other's products via Pinterest, Wanelo, Twitter, etc. It's a good way to increase exposure.

  2. I use Pinterest as a bookmarking tool for sites that I want to easily find again. It is really important to use keywords in the description area. You don't need to put anything too long in the description, just something that will make it easy for people to find your pin. For example, if you pin a chocolate chip cookie recipe, don't just put "yum" in the description. Put something like "Yum! These are the best chocolate chip cookies I've ever had!" My pet peeve on Pinterest is people who put a period in the description and nothing else - that pin will never be found in a search.

  3. I'm not too organized about it, I just use it as a mood board of sorts: to "put aside" DIY ideas for later & to share things I think deserve to seen by others who appreciates beauty as well.

    Like Amy, I also use it as a bit of a bookmarking tool.

  4. My Pinterest:

    Well, I use my Pinterest to promote my blog (and future Etsy shop). I like it, because it shows a more personal side of who I am. I just joined a few weeks ago, so I don't have a lot on my board.

    Your Pinterest board looks great! You have nothing to worry about. I followed your shop board. Don't worry about the 500 description thing. I barely use one sentence. It's just a limit. However, you can't type beyond 500.

    Anyways, hopes this help. Here is my blog if you would like to visit. I'm currently writing my progress of starting an Etsy shop.


  5. mine is

    I started out using it just for wedding ideas and recipes. Then I started pinning just about anything that inspired me or caught my eye. Once I opened my etsy shop I started using it as a promotion tool and have got decent traffic but no sales yet.

  6. Hi! (new follower because of Framed Frosting). I must admit, so far my Pinterest is just like a virtual file cabinet, where I keep recipes that I want to try (mostly). I do have a board called Products I Love, and I try to pin things to it that I have used and/or received as a gift or purchased as a gift. One of my New Years Resolutions was to support local and/or small businesses more, so I am trying to do that through pinterest. I have loved reading all of your thoughts and ideas. I know people who "browse" pinterest for craft ideas, decor ideas, fashion help etc.....which is no doubt way more efficient than me just happening to see something somewhere on line and thinking, hmm, good idea. Again, thanks everyone for sharing how you use pinterest - you've given me some new ways to look at it.

  7. I love Pinterest and use it for business and pleasure. Thanks for this great post. New follower from Etsy team, would love for you to visit mine:!